The Twitterrific Ad Network

Ged Maheux, writing for The Iconfactory:

When it comes to online advertising, the big question has always been: how do I get the most bang for the least bucks? If you’re a small developer with a limited budget (like we are), then you’re accustomed to carefully picking and choosing how and where to promote your product to reach the widest possible audience. We understand the struggle — which is why we created the Twitterrific Ad Network!

Now you can advertise your app, website, product or service directly on Twitterrific’s expansive network of tech-savvy users for just $100 a month. For that price we guarantee 1,000 tap-throughs — not impressions but actual visits — to your App Store page or website. What’s more, we take care of creating the ad for you ourselves and even provide App Analytics for iOS or Google Analytics for websites.

$100 for 1,000 guaranteed tap-throughs is an amazing deal. And at just $100 a pop, this is a great opportunity for indie developers with a limited ad budget. And of course the ads look great and there’s no user tracking.

Wednesday, 23 January 2019