Abu Zafar: ‘Why iMessage Is Better Than the Best Messaging Apps on Android’

Abu Zafar:

Messaging on Android is a mess.

iPhone users have it easy. iMessage comes preinstalled, and it achieves more than even the best messaging apps on Android. iMessage is end-to-end encrypted, it supports SMS, and it’s packed with features that range from gimmicky (Animoji) to can’t-live-without-it useful (Memoji). The experience of one iPhone user messaging another is seamless, secure, and convenient.

The same can’t be said for Android users.

In the video above, I tested a number of popular messaging apps on Android to try and replicate the iMessage experience. I found many that came close, but not a single one achieves the perfect trifecta of seamless, secure, and convenient.

iMessage is one of the most successful and most important products in Apple’s history. It’s widely taken for granted though.

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Friday, 1 February 2019