Eric Schmidt Is Leaving Google’s Board

Google (well, technically, Alphabet):

After over 18 years on the Board, Eric Schmidt is not seeking re-election at the expiration of his current term on June 19, 2019. He will continue as a technical advisor to Alphabet. Eric has served as a member of the Board since March 2001. He was Google’s Chief Executive Officer from July 2001 to April 2011, and its Executive Chairman from April 2011 until January 2018.

“Eric has made an extraordinary contribution to Google and Alphabet as CEO, Chairman, and Board member. We are extremely grateful for his guidance and leadership over many years,” Hennessy said.

Is this weird? Schmidt is only 63 years old. But Google was never really his company — it’s always been Larry Page’s and Sergey Brin’s company.

Also years later, this whole “Alphabet” thing still sounds super weird to my ears.

Tuesday, 30 April 2019