U.S.-China Trade War Puts Huawei in a World of Hurt

Amie Tsang, reporting for The New York Times:

Google’s decision to cut off support to Huawei, the Chinese telecommunications giant blacklisted by the Trump administration, is rippling across the globe as companies suspend ties to the handset maker.

In Britain, where Huawei is one of the most popular cellphone brands, two of the country’s biggest mobile networks, EE and Vodafone, announced that they would stop offering Huawei phones to 5G customers as a result of Google’s decision.

In Japan, the three largest cellphone companies also said they were reconsidering plans to sell a new series of Huawei smartphones.

BBC News reports that ARM is suspending all business with Huawei. So: no OS, no CPU, no carrier support in Europe or the U.S. (where Huawei has long been semi-banned over security concerns).

Those are problems I wouldn’t give to a monkey on a rock.

Wednesday, 22 May 2019