Matthew Panzarino: ‘Apple Sans Ive’

Matthew Panzarino:

The narratives, to summarize, are essentially that:

  • Jony had checked out, become incompetent or just plain lazy
  • Apple is doomed because he is leaving

If those narratives look contradictory, then you have eyes.

If you take the sum of the breathless (dare I say thirsty) stories tying together a bunch of anecdotes about Jony’s last couple of years, they are trying to paint a picture of a legendary design figure that has abandoned the team and company he helped build, leading to a stagnation of forward progress — while at the same time trying to argue that the company is doomed without him.


Perhaps my favorite piece on Ive’s departure. I agree with the whole thing, top to bottom, particularly his dismissal of the, as he says, “thirsty” takes on Ive’s last few years.

Tuesday, 9 July 2019