Rip Torn, Actor Known for ‘The Larry Sanders Show’, Dies at 88

Ross O. Lincoln, writing for The Wrap:

But it was the 1992-1998 HBO comedy “The Larry Sanders Show” for which Torn will be perhaps best remembered. For playing Artie, the doggedly loyal attack dog of a producer who runs the eponymous show and manages the fragile ego of its star, Torn was widely acclaimed. He received six Emmy nominations, winning once in 1996, and over the show’s run was also nominated for two American Comedy awards (winning one), an American Television Award, and four Cable Ace awards (winning one), among many other accolades.

One of the hardest things to do in cinema — whether movies or TV — is convey a palpable, credible sense of camaraderie. It takes great writing, great acting, and perfect casting. “The Larry Sanders Show” is, depending on my mood, my favorite TV show of all time. And the heart of the show was the unwavering friendship between Artie and Larry.

Mix up a salty dog and pour a scotch for Rip Torn.

Wednesday, 10 July 2019