Renato Mariotti: ‘Actually, Robert Mueller Was Awesome’

Renato Mariotti, writing at Politico:

Tasked with overseeing the most high-profile investigation of our time, Mueller managed to complete the investigation without appearing to have a partisan agenda, with both sides embracing him at times. Even Trump said he acted “honorably” — before he turned on Mueller as “conflicted” and partisan — and touted “total exoneration” soon after Mueller concluded his work. Mueller’s down-the-middle, leak-free handling of the high-stakes investigation was an object lesson in professionalism.

And Wednesday’s performance was no different.

This jibes with my take almost perfectly.

See also: Preet Bharara:

Bob Mueller today was decent, honest, humble, measured, patriotic, apolitical and above the fray. He returned none of the bile the president and others have heaped on him. Whatever you thought of his performance, he is far better than his critics and remains an American hero.

Friday, 26 July 2019