Trump’s Large Union Crowd at Shell Was Given the Option of Not Showing Up — and Not Getting Paid

Anya Litvak, reporting for The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:

The choice for thousands of union workers at Royal Dutch Shell’s petrochemical plant in Beaver County was clear Tuesday: Either stand in a giant hall waiting for President Donald Trump to speak or take the day off with no pay.

“Your attendance is not mandatory,” said the rules that one contractor relayed to employees, summarizing points from a memo that Shell sent to union leaders a day ahead of the visit to the $6 billion construction site. But only those who showed up at 7 a.m., scanned their ID cards, and prepared to stand for hours — through lunch but without lunch — would be paid.

“NO SCAN, NO PAY,” a supervisor for that contractor wrote.

Easy call to boycott all Shell products — forcing your employees to serve as paid supporters is authoritarian bullshit. And this is why Trump accuses protestors of being paid stooges — pure projection.

Saturday, 17 August 2019