Rambo: Apple Arcade to Cost $5/Month

Guilherme Rambo, writing at 9to5Mac:

Today, I was able to get information about the price of an Apple Arcade subscription to customers. This information is available in one of the APIs used by the App Store app. According to a promotional message found in the service, the price for Apple Arcade will be $4.99 / month, including a one-month free trial. As Apple previously announced, the service will allow access to all members in a Family Sharing account.

That’s a very appealing price, especially considering that it includes family sharing. And from what I hear, Apple is aggressively recruiting developers to create exclusive games for Arcade. I not only think this will be very successful for Apple and participating developers, but I think it could disrupt the whole mobile gaming industry. Pay-to-win games could see a big decline.

Monday, 19 August 2019