iOS 13.1 Developer Beta 1 Is Already Out

This is new — iOS 13.0 won’t be out until next month, but Apple is already seeding a developer beta for iOS 13.1. Given how buggy iOS 13 betas have been this summer, this is good news. Better to push some features back than ship them in too buggy a state. Basically, I think we need to get used to WWDC announcements being a roadmap for the next year of OS releases, not a list of what’s going to ship in the initial dot-zero release in the fall.

It’s a solid bet that Apple’s top priority has been getting iOS 13.0 into good enough shape for the new iPhones to be announced, reviewed, and shipped on schedule. Everything else slated for iOS 13 could be pushed to a 13.1 update in late October (when I expect the new iPads to be announced).

Tuesday, 27 August 2019