My thanks to Atoms for sponsoring last week at Daring Fireball. Atoms are ideal everyday shoes — and the first to come in quarter sizes.

That sounds like a pain in the ass. How can you choose the right quarter-size increment ordering over the internet? Easy: Atoms sends you three pairs of shoes in quarter-size increments based on your normal shoe size. You pick the left and right shoe that feels best — a size 9 for your left foot and a 9.25 for your right, for example — and return the rest for free.

I’m wearing a pair of Atoms as I type this — size 12 on my right foot, 12.5 on the left. I got the black and white, but they also have all-black and all-white. They’re very comfortable and still look near-new after months of wear. They’re simply very nice shoes.

Sunday, 1 September 2019