Nilay Patel’s Review of the iPhones 11 Pro

Nilay Patel, writing at The Verge:

But after using an iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max for the past week, I think they’re more than the sum of several lightly updated parts. These are some of the most well-balanced, most capable phones Apple — or anyone — has ever made. They have excellent battery life, processors that should keep them relevant for years to come, absolutely beautiful displays, and a new camera system that generally outperforms every other phone, which should get even better with a promised software update later this fall.

Yes, they’re expensive. And yes, I think most people should probably buy an iPhone 11, which has most of the same features, including the same basic camera system, for $300 less. But if you want to pay more to have the best display and the best camera, the iPhone 11 Pro is worth the premium over the iPhone 11.

Glowing review overall, and some really interesting side-by-side photography tests pitting the 11 Pro against the Galaxy Note 10 Plus and last year’s iPhone XS and Google Pixel 3.

It’s a matter of taste — and the Pixel 4 is coming next month — but I find the iPhone 11 series Night Mode to be consistently more appealing, especially in color temperature, than the Pixel’s Night Sight.

Saturday, 21 September 2019