iPadOS 13 Makes Spotlight Search Responsive Immediately

Back in May, I griped:

When I have a hardware keyboard paired with iPad and do Cmd-Space and type an app to open, it misses the first character I type every time. How can this be so slow?

I’ve been typing Cmd-Space and immediately beginning to type for like 17, 18 years with LaunchBar on the Mac. It never ever misses what I type. That the iPad requires you to pause before typing is insane and makes me think the engineers who wrote the feature don’t even use it.

A week or two later, a little birdie told me this would be fixed in iOS/iPadOS 13. And I’m happy to confirm that — so far at least — Spotlight search with an external keyboard hasn’t missed a keystroke for me yet. There actually are bug fixes in iOS 13, too.

Saturday, 28 September 2019