Adam Lisagor:

We used to be Sandwich Video. In fact, we’ve been Sandwich Video since 2010, officially. But today, I’m so proud to announce our new name. A shorter name. Leaner, more agile. Why? Just feels right. […]

Eventually the ambiguity wore off and Sandwich Video had established itself as the upstart little production company for hot new tech companies to get great bespoke videos. We called them “videos” then because what else could they be? Demos? Promos? Probably not “commercials” and definitely not “content”. We made videos for clients, and our output had its own built-in subgenre: if you went to Sandwich Video, you ended up with a Sandwich video. And our style was distinct, so everybody knew it was a Sandwich video. Video video video.

I absolutely love the new Sandwich logo. It’s just perfect. It looks great, it fits the feel of the company to a T, and there’s a timelessness to it. Fun without being goofy or silly is a hard thing to pull off in a logo, but this mark does it. They could be using this logo decades from now and it’ll still look right. The new website is a model of good design and honest copywriting. (Don’t miss Agency Mode.)

See also: Armin Vit on the new logo at Brand New:

I don’t even know why I am over-rationalizing this… it made me smile, it made me happy, and it makes me want a sandwich.

Tuesday, 1 October 2019