Why Photographer David Burnett Shot 4×5 Film at Impeachment Hearing

Holly Hughes, writing for PDN:

“Shooting large-format today was a reminder that even though I have many frames per second with my Sony a6500, I’m still shooting film one solitary, isolated frame at a time. In a world of 10 or 20 fps, two frames in 30 seconds is a big deal,” Burnett tells PDN. While his press colleagues were firing fast, Burnett says, “I shot 16 frames today.” […]

Burnett shot both the hearing and a Veterans Day parade earlier in the week using Ilford HP5 black-and-white film. “Unlike the all-digital shooters to my left and right,” he told PDN, “I won’t know for a few days if I have a picture — or two. It’s a fun wait. Builds character.”

Examples of Burnett’s work.

Thursday, 19 December 2019