‘A Conversation With Rudy Giuliani Over Bloody Marys’

Olivia Nuzzi, writing for New York:

The hostess led us through a hallway to the dining room. As Giuliani walked down the carpeted ramp, he fell over to his right and hit the wall. He kept on walking as if it hadn’t happened. “My God, it’s Rudy Giuliani,” I heard someone say. He nodded and waved at people he knew seated across the restaurant. He stopped to shake hands with an older man and his wife.

“I’d like some sparkling water. And I know you have wonderful Bloody Marys,” Giuliani told the waiter. “Yes, sir,” the waiter said, “and I know you love them.” Giuliani laughed. “You’re a good man!,” he said.

Just such a great little slice of life piece. Nuzzi is one of my favorite writers in politics today. Her piece two months ago from inside the Joe Biden campaign is another must-read.

Monday, 23 December 2019