Yes Plz

My thanks to Yes Plz for sponsoring last week at DF. Yes Plz sends outstanding coffee beans right to your door, along with a delightfully eclectic print zine — that’s right, a printed zine — covering topics like food, culture, and music. Yes Plz is from the same crazy coffee geniuses who brought you Tonx Coffee back in the day — Tonx was a long-time DF sponsor, so I’m sure many of you recall them.

Sponsorship aside: I love Yes Plz coffee. I am literally drinking a cup right now. I made a second pot of coffee on this lazy stay-at-home Sunday simply because it tastes so good.

One thing I believe — and that the Yes Plz folks preach — is that it’s easy to make genuinely great coffee at home. Simple methods work best (I’m a pour-over man myself), and the only ingredients you need are clean water and great beans.

Try it now — no hassle, no commitment, and you can pause or cancel anytime. They even have a special deal for DF readers: $5 off your first bag using promo code FIREBALL5 at checkout.

Sunday, 15 March 2020