More on Apple’s IS&T Group

“IST-Throwaway”, on Hacker News:

Although my experience is several years old, everything in this article rings true. The contracting companies they had us working for were taking a huge cut, the quality of the code they produced was dismal, (as soon as we were no longer allowed to re-write their code major things began breaking almost immediately) and people getting transferred around constantly and having no time to understand any one project was common. (rkho’s comment about their hiring process seeming like it was simply a beard for a nepotistic contractor conversion was something we definitely saw a number of times.)

All in all it was an extremely eye-opening experience. Considering how “do it the Apple way” every other department we interacted with was, being in the IS&T buildings was like landing on an alien planet.

Via Michael Tsai’s updated post, which has a few more links and comments from readers.

A note from a long-time but now former Apple engineer (and long-time DF reader):

Inside Apple, IS&T is pronounced isn’t. As in, the network isn’t up right now.

Wednesday, 8 April 2020