Trump’s Totally Sane and Not at All Lunatic Thoughts on Mother’s Day

Trump called in to “Fox and Friends” on Friday morning. You really have to see it — I’m linking here to Late Night With Seth Meyer’s segment on it. He spent the entire 20 minutes railing against his perceived enemies. Really. I mean, whether you like or dislike him — and it’s fair to say the “Fox and Friends” audience is his audience — who wanted to hear this? Nobody is thinking about anything but the pandemic. We don’t agree what to do about it, but it’s quite obvious to everyone that there is no other subject worth the president’s time right now. And yet this is what’s on the man’s mind.

And then his call-in ends with the softball of softball questions — what message does he have for all the moms in America, and what are his plans with his wife for Mother’s Day? That was the question — watch. His answer, I swear, was about fighter jets and the U.S. military budget.

He could walk around wearing a sandwich board reading “I’m a lunatic” and it would be less clear that he’s unraveling.

Tuesday, 12 May 2020