My thanks to PressureWashr for sponsoring DF last week. PressureWashr is unlike any sponsor I’ve had before — all they do is review and recommend pressure washers. Sort of like Wirecutter but specifically for pressure washers — and, in fact, Wirecutter called upon PressureWashr to help with their own pressure washer guide.

Pressure washers make your dirty things clean again — everything from driveways, to your car, to your deck and patio furniture. But there are a ton of pressure washers on the market, and a lot of them are lousy.

PressureWashr has been researching, testing, disassembling, reviewing, and recommending pressure washers since 2013. They know their pressure washers, so if you’re interested in buying one check out their list of the 7 best — just updated for 2020 this month.

Sunday, 14 June 2020