Pour One Out for Toshiba

Simon Sharwood, writing for The Register:

Toshiba has finally and formally exited the laptop business.

Toshiba has made laptops since 1985 and claims to have been the first to make a mass-market computer in the now-familiar clamshell form factor. By the 1990s the company was producing solid workhorses in the Satellite range and started to make meaningful stretches of mobile work possible with the small, thin and light Portégé range.

Those products saw Toshiba lead the world for laptop market share through the late 1990s and retain that position for much of the 2000s. Even as the PC market consolidated in that decade, Toshiba was often ranked among the top five of all PC vendors despite only ever dabbling in desktops.

If you go back far enough, Toshiba’s early-era laptops were truly groundbreaking.

Friday, 7 August 2020