Tara AI: Smart Project Management

My thanks to Tara AI for sponsoring last week at DF. Most project management software (a) takes a lot of time to configure, (b) is not built for cross-functional teams, and (c) takes focus away from releases. The status quo is that engineers spend precious time wading through tickets.

Tara has designed a modern, simple interface that just works for teams that are building and growing rapidly. Tara AI helps engineers and teams deliver on planned releases with simple sprint planning, a unified view of tasks, and a clear overview of daily priorities synced to GitHub.

Everything from signup and workspace creation onward is very smooth, very modern, and very obvious. There’s a real “include everything relevant to modern teams, but lose all the legacy baggage” feel to it. Tara AI is excited to launch their 1.0 release to the DF community, with no user or task limits, free of charge. There’s no catch. Just click that link to sign up and try it yourself.

Sunday, 16 August 2020