MacStadium’s Half Off Forever (HOF) Promotion

My thanks to MacStadium for sponsoring DF this week to promote their Half Off Forever promotion. Are you ready to try a Mac server? Choose a Mac Mini hosted in Atlanta, Las Vegas, or Dublin and pay half price forever. There is no catch — just a great deal.

Why now? Change is in the air for all of Apple’s platform, both hardware and software. A reliable Mac Mini hosted in a world class data center gives you a familiar, steady path heading into the future for all of your Mac infrastructure needs. Folks who are going iPad-first for their personal computing — but still need a Mac for some things — can easily jump between the two. With this year’s addition of first-class mouse pointer support in iPadOS, it’s like having all of MacOS available as an app on your iPad.

Half Off Forever is a great deal for the best Mac-centric server hosting in the industry.

Friday, 4 September 2020