The Verge: Beats Flex Review

Chris Welch, The Verge:

But the other reason why the Flex buds are an important product is, well, Android. Instead of using Apple’s proprietary Lightning connector for charging, as many Beats headphones have since the acquisition, the Flex have a USB-C port. Beats’ Android app has already been updated to support them. These moves show that as Apple continues putting a greater emphasis on audio products — with the new HomePod mini and long-rumored premium headphones expected to launch soon — Beats is realizing it needs to stand independently from Apple’s ecosystem if the brand wants to continue its enormous success.

$50 for decent-sounding wireless earbuds with W1 chips for Apple device integration, and USB-C charging and a nice-looking Android app for better outside-the-Apple-universe appeal. A product like this is exactly why Apple is keeping the Beats brand around.

Monday, 19 October 2020