Study Shows Republicans Closely Resemble Autocratic Parties in Hungary and Turkey

Julian Borger, reporting for The Guardian:

The Republican party has become dramatically more illiberal in the past two decades and now more closely resembles ruling parties in autocratic societies than its former centre-right equivalents in Europe, according to a new international study.

In a significant shift since 2000, the GOP has taken to demonising and encouraging violence against its opponents, adopting attitudes and tactics comparable to ruling nationalist parties in Hungary, India, Poland and Turkey.

The shift has both led to and been driven by the rise of Donald Trump.

By contrast the Democratic party has changed little in its attachment to democratic norms, and in that regard has remained similar to centre-right and centre-left parties in western Europe.

This is rather obvious and rather terrifying. But it’s the sort of thing that can make those who sense it doubt themselves. Sometimes things that sound like hyperbole are the plain truth. You’re not crazy if you see this and it scares the hell out of you.

Wednesday, 28 October 2020