Apple One Bundle Is Set to Launch Tomorrow; Fitness+ Coming Later This Year; iCloud Storage Limits Are Still Stingy

Seems like only a few months ago that I spitballed the right price for such as bundle as $15/month for an individual and $20/month for a family. Wait, that was just two months ago. Somehow these months feel both incredibly long and yet fly by.

My only beef with the Apple One bundles is that the included iCloud storage levels are too small. Either I’m vastly overestimating the size of a typical user’s iCloud Photos library, or Apple is doing wrong by paying users with these storage levels.

Non-paying users, too — the free tier of iCloud remains stuck at 5 GB, which is ridiculous. That’s the same amount of storage as when iCloud debuted back in 2011. How is it defensible that the default storage tier hasn’t changed in the last 9 years?

Thursday, 29 October 2020