Major League Baseball’s Bad Example

Paul Kafasis on Dodgers star Justin Turner returning to the field to celebrate after having been pulled from game 6 of the World Series after testing positive for COVID-19:

I can certainly understand Turner not wanting to miss a moment he’d worked his entire life for. The desire to celebrate with the rest of his team was a natural one. I hope there are no further cases among the Dodger organization, and that no other players, coaches, or family members get sick. Perhaps this incident can quietly die down to a mere footnote.

But even if that happens, it will be by sheer luck. There is a deadly virus going around and around the globe, and we can’t simply ignore it. We can’t pretend our way out of this thing. The picture above is emblematic of the fact that collectively, we Americans still haven’t learned that sacrificing for others is essential in getting past this pandemic. That’s not something to celebrate.

What an inexplicable embarrassment for the team and the sport — and a missed opportunity to set a very public good example.

Thursday, 29 October 2020