One More Apple Event: Next Tuesday, 10 November

About as unsuggestive an invitation design as you could imagine. “One More Thing” could be anything, but of course, everyone assumes the highlight will be the first Macs with Apple Silicon chips — a fair assumption, given that Apple said at WWDC that they’d be launching by the end of the year, and there aren’t any other flagship products left to announce. This will likely also mark the launch of MacOS 11 Big Sur.

I say Apple Silicon Macs could be the “highlight” only because we could see something else, an opening act like what HomePod Mini was to the iPhones 12 last month. The way to think about these 2020 (and 2021?) streaming Apple Events is that they’re like episodes of a TV show, and the episodes consist of segments that can effectively be mixed and matched. Something like AirTags would make for a nice opener, even if AirTags aren’t really related to the Mac any more than HomePod Mini was related to iPhones.

Monday, 2 November 2020