AnandTech’s Deep Dive on the A14 and What It Means for the M1

Andrei Frumusanu, writing for AnandTech:

We currently do not have Apple Silicon devices and likely won’t get our hands on them for another few weeks, but we do have the A14, and expect the new Mac chips to be strongly based on the microarchitecture we’re seeing employed in the iPhone designs. Of course, we’re still comparing a phone chip versus a high-end laptop and even a high-end desktop chip, but given the performance numbers, that’s also exactly the point we’re trying to make here, setting the stage as the bare minimum of what Apple could achieve with their new Apple Silicon Mac chips.

The A14 is both a power-efficient smartphone chip and one of the fastest CPUs ever made, period. And the M1 is faster. Someone with access to an M1 MacBook Air submitted Geekbench 5 benchmarks today, and it outperforms every Mac ever made in single-core performance.

Wednesday, 11 November 2020