The Omni Group’s Apps Are All Now Available for M1 and MacOS Big Sur

Ken Case, writing on The Omni Group blog:

The Omni Group creates productivity tools that are as powerful as you — designed for Mac, iPhone, and iPad — and we love the Mac! We’ve been developing for the Mac since 1989 (via its NeXT lineage), and over the years we’ve gone through many CPU transitions — from the Motorola 68030 to the PowerPC to 64-bit to Intel. […]

We’re very pleased to share that our app transition has been smooth and seamless. All our apps — including our free apps OmniDiskSweeper, OmniPresence, and OmniWeb — are now available as native Universal apps on M1-powered Macs, and can be either downloaded from our website or found on the Mac App Store.

It was fun seeing Case in Apple’s keynote yesterday (along with Panic co-founder Cabel Sasser, and the other Mac developers Apple highlighted). Back at WWDC, Apple mentioned Microsoft as an early adopter of this Apple Silicon transition. It seems like The Omni Group has taken that spot at launch as Apple’s promoted provider of general productivity apps available as universal binaries on day one. Not sure if Microsoft has just fallen behind schedule or if the pissing match over Xbox Game Pass and the iOS App Store has spilled over to the Mac. Update: Seems like they’re just not ready yet — heading into beta now. To the shipper go the spoils.

Thursday, 12 November 2020