My thanks to Atoms for sponsoring DF last week. Atoms’s excellent Model 000 is a sneaker-style everyday shoe, available not just in half sizes but quarter sizes for a perfect fit.

Atoms is launching three new colors next week — Navy Blue, Forest Green, and Classic Yellow — that you can also customize to have matching or contrasting outsoles and signature elastic laces. (Here’s the trick with Atoms’s laces: if you tie them just slightly loose, you can keep them tied and wear the shoes as slip-ons. If you prefer a tighter feel, you can just tie/untie them like a regular sneaker.) All the new colors look great, but Navy Blue, with white outsoles and laces, seems the most up my alley, personally. The customization tool is very fun.

These colors launch Monday, but Daring Fireball readers can use this secret link to jump the line, and you’ll get a free Atoms mask — which was rated “best material” by The Wall Street Journal — with each order using the coupon code “DF” while checking out. I wear my Atoms shoes a lot, and I wear an Atoms mask every time I leave the house.

Sunday, 15 November 2020