Samuel Axon Interviews Federighi, Joz, and Srouji on the M1 Macs for Ars Technica

Just a splendid, insightful interview. Here’s Federighi, on the big picture:

“The Mac is the soul of Apple. I mean, the Mac is what brought many of us into computing. And the Mac is what brought many of us to Apple. And the Mac remains the tool that we all use to do our jobs, to do everything we do here at Apple. And so to have the opportunity… to apply everything we’ve learned to the systems that are at the core of how we live our lives is obviously a long-term ambition and a kind of dream come true.”

This from Joz:

“This is about what we could do, right? Not about what anybody else could or couldn’t do. Every company has an agenda. The software company wishes the hardware companies would do this. The hardware companies wish the OS company would do this, but they have competing agendas. And that’s not the case here. We had one agenda.”

And Srouji:

“We want to create the best products we can. We really needed our own custom silicon to deliver truly the best Macs we can deliver.”

Sunday, 22 November 2020