Ezra Klein Follows Matt Yglesias Out the Door at Vox

Edmund Lee, writing for The New York Times:

Ezra Klein, a founder of the popular website Vox.com, is leaving the publication to become a columnist and podcast host at The New York Times, the latest high-profile departure from Vox Media during a wave of change in the digital media business.

This follows fellow Vox founder Matt Yglesias, who left to start his own subscriber-based weblog, Slow Boring, on Substack 10 days ago.

Jim Bankoff, the Vox Media chief executive, said the company was now in a position to withstand the loss of key employees. “All the Vox Media brands are well past the point where they are about individuals,” he said in an interview. “By themselves, each site is a massive, mainstream, modern media brand that touches tens if not hundreds of millions of people across every conceivable platform.”

Yeah that’s just great for Vox that their best-known and most-talented writers have flown the coop.

Monday, 23 November 2020