Apple Security Chief Maintains Innocence After Bribery Charges

Timothy B. Lee, reporting for Ars Technica:

A grand jury in California’s Santa Clara County has indicted Thomas Moyer, Apple’s head of global security, for bribery. Moyer is accused of offering 200 iPads to the Santa County Sheriff’s office in exchange for concealed carry permits for four Apple employees.

Moyer’s attorney says that he did nothing wrong, and notably Apple is standing behind its executive. “We expect all of our employees to conduct themselves with integrity,” an Apple spokesperson said in a statement. “After learning of the allegations, we conducted a thorough internal investigation and found no wrongdoing.”

Good to know. I look forward to finding out what the scuttled donation of 200 iPads to the sheriff’s office was really about. Perhaps all just a big coincidence.

The Ars piece is worth it just for this clause, one of the most Silicon Valley things I’ve ever heard: “the conspirators then allegedly met at a San Jose Jamba Juice”.

Wednesday, 25 November 2020