Windows 10 Virtualized on M1 Macs Is Almost Twice as Fast as It Is Running Natively on Surface Pro X

Michael Potuck, writing for 9to5Mac:

Alexander Graf was the first to successfully run an ARM Windows virtualization on an M1 Mac. He used the QEMU open source machine emulator and an Insider Preview of Windows. Now, based on the work by Graf, there’s a new build of the open source ACVM launcher (by Khaos Tian and 3 others) that works with QEMU to run ARM Windows on ARM Macs.

YouTuber Martin Nobel shared a useful video of the process to run an ARM Windows virtualization on Apple Silicon as well as a real-world look at the overall impressive performance considering it’s an unofficial workaround.

Impressively, the Martin’s M1 Mac mini benchmarked much higher than Microsoft’s Surface Pro X … almost doubling the single-core score, and coming in almost 2,000 higher in the multi-core score.

The M1 reveals every other Mac or PC to be outdated. All Windows ARM laptops are way too slow. All Intel/AMD x86 machines run too hot.

Wednesday, 2 December 2020