Halide Mark II

My thanks to Lux for sponsoring last week at Daring Fireball to promote Halide Mark II, the new version of their outstanding camera app for iPhone. Halide does one thing, and one thing only: still photography.

The huge Mark II update adds the best tools for pros, while remaining true to its elegant and approachable design that makes it perfect for new photographers.

I can’t say enough good things about Halide. Even the shutter button — the button you press in the app to take a picture — is one of the nicest buttons you’ll ever see.

Here’s Halide co-creator Sebastiaan de With’s deep dive, illustrated out the wazoo with example images, on the iPhone 12 Pro Max camera system. What’s so great about a bigger 1× sensor? Read this and find out — you’ll both see the differences and understand them. Then realize that every single aspect of Halide is crafted with the same degree of care and diligence as this report on the capabilities of the camera on one specific iPhone.

Halide is an app with no tracking, no ads, and no bullshit. Your choice between a subscription with a 7-day free trial, or a one-time purchase option. Everyone who cares about iPhone photography should have Halide.

Sunday, 6 December 2020