MKBHD’s Full AirPods Max Review

Marques Brownlee:

These headphones check a set of boxes that no other set of headphones that I’ve ever tested can claim to check. It’s a really odd combination of pieces here.

Solid review that boils down to this: “These are fun to listen to.” His main dings against them are the same as mine: the cheapjack pouch and their weight. But their weight is really only noticeable when you (or just your head) are in motion. When you’re sitting still or just walking, they’re comfortable. And you can’t beat their build quality.

Brownlee suggests that the battery drains when the AirPods Max are not in use but outside their pouch (err, “case”) at about the same rate as when they’re in use. I haven’t found that to be close to true. They do drain when unused but idle outside the case, but slowly. Maybe like at a rate of about 10 percent in 24 hours? They go into different levels of low-power the longer they’re off your ears but out of the case, but Apple ought to document it exactly.

Thursday, 17 December 2020