Waterfield’s AirPods Max Shield Case

That didn’t take long: $100 protective case from Waterfield. I’ve been using various bags from Waterfield for a long time: really well-made, thoughtfully-designed stuff.

Their AirPods Max Shield Case is designed to please two groups: those who want to use it instead of the widely-panned “Smart Case” included with AirPods Max, and those who want to use them both together. I find that curious — why would I want to put my headphones in an unprotective case before I put them in a protective case? But because Apple’s own Smart Case pouch is so minimal (which is partly why it’s been so panned) it doesn’t really add much bulk to Waterfield’s case for it to support both styles of transport. (Notably, Waterfield’s case has magnets to put your AirPods Max into lower-power mode, so one doesn’t need the case-within-a-case for that.)

Monday, 28 December 2020