Animated Timeline of the All-Time MLB Home Run Leaders

I need a fun baseball link to wash out the taste of the no-fun Hall of Fame voters, so here’s a fun tweet from Greg Harvey:

In memory of Hank Aaron after his passing on Friday, I have created an interactive timeline of the Top-10 Career Home Run leaders since the beginning of the Modern Era.

Check out how different players enter and exit through different eras of baseball.

One thing that jumps out here is how far ahead of his time Babe Ruth was — why his home run hitting was such a cultural phenomenon. When Ruth hit his 500th homer, second place was Rogers Hornsby at 264. When Ruth hit his 714th (and final) homer, no one else had hit 400, and only three had even gotten to 300. (And the next player to get to 400 was Ruth’s own teammate, Lou Gehrig.)

Via Dave Mark.

Tuesday, 26 January 2021