iPhone Saw Strong Sales in China Last Quarter


Apple Inc on Wednesday reported holiday quarter sales and profits that beat Wall Street expectations, as new 5G iPhones helped push handset revenue to a new record and sparked a 57% rise in China sales.

As my friend Ben Thompson has long theorized, the Chinese market might be particularly sensitive to new iPhone designs. Chinese buyers, the theory goes, want new iPhones that look like new iPhones, so that everyone knows they have the newest iPhone. So the iPhones 12 Pro scratched an itch in that regard that the 11 and XS models did not.

Hard to believe it was just two short years ago (I kid — last year alone was 10 years long) we were seeing (not entirely unreasonable) stories with headlines like “The iPhone Has Big Problems in China — and Across the Globe”.

Thursday, 28 January 2021