Hover Text on MacOS

Cool MacOS accessibility feature I did not know about, from Sommer Panage:

One of my fave Mac #accessibility features: Hover Text. I have 2 displays; one is always harder for me to see, especially content to the far right. Hover Text is an awesome and super lightweight way to bring things into view! Find it in System Preferences → Accessibility → Zoom

Turn this on, and when you press the Command key, whatever is under the mouse pointer gets a large text tooltip. Hover over a small button labeled “Foo” and the tooltip will show a big “Foo”. But it works for buttons and controls that don’t have text labels too, thanks to accessibility. So if you hover over the red close button in the top left corner of a window, the tooltip will say “Close”.

Dave DeLong points out that this feature could be very useful when screensharing too. Steven Aquino points out that there are options for font size, colors, and the modifier key that triggers it.

Friday, 29 January 2021