Matt Tait Disassembles Bloomberg’s ‘The Long Hack’ Point by Point

Matt Tait, in a thread on Twitter, deconstructed today’s Bloomberg follow-up to “The Big Hack” in exquisite detail. The whole thread is worth your attention. The gist of it:

FWIW, my money is on this whole saga being, if you dig deeply enough, just briefings related to the 2016 Supermicro bad firmware update incident filtered through so many games of telephone that it’s eventually twisted itself into a story about tiny chips that never happened. […]

This story is too big, and the refutations too blunt and too numerous to support on this level of third- and fourth-hand sourcing. If they have documents: go for it. Make fools of Apple, Amazon, FBI, NSA, DHS and ODNI by publishing them. Otherwise, this story should not have run.

Bingo. And there’s still nothing — nothing — that refutes the argument that the original 2018 story should be entirely, or at least largely, retracted.

Friday, 12 February 2021