It’s Now March and Most of Google’s Flagship iOS Apps Still Don’t Have Privacy Nutrition Labels

Speaking of Google and tracking, the saga with Google’s iOS apps and their lack of privacy nutrition labels continues. Remember that (a) Google told TechCrunch back on January 5 they expected to add the privacy labels “this week or the next week”, and (b) because they haven’t added the labels, none of these popular apps have been updated since December. This includes Google Maps, Google Photos, the main Google search app, and Google Chrome. If you look at the version histories for these apps, until January, they were all generally updated at least once per month, and often several times per month.

YouTube, Google Home, and Google Drive, on the other hand, do have privacy nutrition labels. So whatever is going on here is not company-wide.

Correction: I originally had Gmail listed as one of Google’s apps that hadn’t been updated, but it was — just yesterday, after adding the privacy nutrition label a week ago. Google just seems to be adding these labels piecemeal, one at a time.

Wednesday, 3 March 2021