Hey World Blogging Goes Live

From idea to a shipping feature in just a few weeks. Here’s a simple search on Twitter to see all the Hey World posts that have been tweeted so far.

Everyone knows friction in software is harmful. But I think we all continually underestimate just how big an influence friction is on what people actually do and use. People don’t write long multi-tweet threads because it’s a good way to post a short essay, they do it because it’s so low friction. That’s what makes Hey World such a great idea. If you’re using Hey for email, there’s literally nothing you need to do to set it up.

Can you edit your posts? Yep. Creating a new post is exactly like sending an email to the magic [email protected] address, but once sent/posted, Hey treats such messages differently than regular emails. You can see all your Hey World posts in a list by themselves, accessed from a new item in the main Hey menu, and if you open a post, you can edit it.

Friday, 5 March 2021