Tara AI

My thanks to Tara for sponsoring last week at DF.

  • It takes 12 clicks to create a sprint on Jira.
  • 22 clicks to connect Jira to Github.
  • 32 clicks to get anything done.

With the DF community’s help, Tara has designed a modern, simple interface that just works for teams that are building and growing rapidly. Tara AI helps engineers and teams deliver on planned releases with simple sprint planning, a unified view of tasks, and a clear overview of daily priorities synced to GitHub.

What’s new:

  • Daily stand-ups with PR status: With a TASK-ID reference, Tara automatically shows pull request status from Git for a given task and any blockers to completing your sprint.

  • Sprint reporting inside Slack: Teams can now create Tara tasks from Slack and receive automated reports on effort, pull requests, and commits completed within a sprint.

DF readers can sign up for free, with no user limits in workspaces.

Sunday, 14 March 2021