MKBHD on the OnePlus 9 Pro

Great review from Marques Brownlee — as ever — of one of the most interesting Android phones on the market.

But what struck me was OnePlus’s custom interface for zooming the camera. You can see it in action starting around the 14:27 mark of the video. Instead of pinching-to-zoom in the viewfinder, like every other touchscreen phone, you can instead tap-and-hold on the zoom factor button and you get a flywheel interface you can rotate to choose a precise level of zoom. OnePlus’s clever UI designers were even thoughtful enough to make sure the flywheel’s diameter is exactly the right size so that the circle intersects precisely at the corners of the UI. Chef’s kiss.

They must be very proud over there at OnePlus for their ingenuity in designing this interface.

Thursday, 15 April 2021