Tom Bihn

My thanks to Tom Bihn for once again sponsoring DF last week. Thirteen of their most popular bags, including the popular Synik 30 backpack and Monster Truck tote, were just restocked this week. What does that mean? It’s simple. At any given time, some Tom Bihn bags are sold out or in production, and here’s why: a control-freak level of quality, cut and sewn in Seattle in small batches, and, as a Certified B Corporation, the company is dedicated to measured, sustainable growth. In 2020, Tom Bihn pivoted to making non-medical face masks and eventually donated over 200,000 masks — now they’re back to making bags and restocking on a regular basis.

I’ve had a few Tom Bihn bags over the years, and the reason it’s just a few is that they last and last and last. I mentioned this a few weeks ago, when last they sponsored DF, and a slew of reader wrote in with tales of their long-lasting and much-used bags from Tom Bihn. (And it’s simply serendipitous that a bag I purchased over a decade ago for my then-new 11-inch MacBook Air remains the perfect size for an 11-inch iPad Pro.)

I cannot say enough good things about Tom Bihn’s products and quality of service. Check out their website not just for information on their bags, but for insight into their design philosophy.

Sunday, 25 April 2021