Magic Lasso

My thanks to Magic Lasso for sponsoring last week at DF. Magic Lasso Adblock is an efficient, high performance ad blocker for your iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Magic Lasso Adblock provides up to a 2.0× speed increase on common websites, improves your privacy and security by removing ad trackers, and works with Safari across all Apple devices. It works and feels as if Apple themselves had designed an ad blocker.

And unlike some other ad blockers, Magic Lasso Adblock respects your privacy, doesn’t accept payment from advertisers, and is 100% supported by its community of over 200,000 users. And it respects privacy-respecting ads like those on DF itself. (DF ads set no cookies, don’t execute any JavaScript, and are served from DF’s own server.)

Download for free today via the Magic Lasso website, the iOS App Store, and Mac App Store.

Sunday, 9 May 2021