Amazon Partners With Tile to Take on AirTags

Jon Fortt and Fahiemah Al-Ali, reporting for CNBC:

Amazon announced Friday that it is partnering with Tile, a company that makes trackers for lost items, and Level, which makes smart locks, to use those devices to enhance its tracking network based on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology. […]

Tile has also been vocal against Apple’s entry into the lost-item tracking space, recently telling Congress that it and other app developers are “afraid” of Apple’s policies for third-party apps and hardware accessories.

Amazon’s partnership will allow it beef up its tracking network, called Sidewalk, by letting Tile and Level devices tap into the Bluetooth networks created by millions of its Echo products. Tile will start working with Amazon’s network beginning June 14.

Something tells me Tile is not going to be joining Apple’s third-party program for “Find My” anytime soon.

Wednesday, 19 May 2021