Canada Has Covidiots, Too

Bryce Hoye, reporting for CBC News:

Staff at Boundary Trails Health Centre are routinely hearing from sick and unvaccinated patients who believe the pandemic is a hoax — some remaining defiant even on the brink of death.

“We hear this almost every day, and I know that’s startling,” said Dr. Ganesan Abbu. “It’s difficult … to know that almost 100 per cent of our admissions have not been vaccinated.” […]

“I’ve had two patients who have died and even right until the time that they died, they didn’t believe that they had it,” Abbu said. “It’s not as though we are trying to get the patient to acknowledge that they have COVID before they die. These patients are so much in denial, they are volunteering this information.”

A lot of these folks probably don’t believe in Darwinism, either, which I suppose is ironic.

Tuesday, 1 June 2021